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We help you turn feedback
into data driven insight
and sustainable results

Why you should care?

“Being​ human in a data-driven world”.

The times when management knew better than the customers and employees remained loyal to one employer forever are long gone.

A company’s ability to continuously listen to the voice of the customers and the employees are the key success factor to:

What we do?

“We build resilience through smart feedback management solutions”.

How we differ?

“It’s not about capturing feedback, it’s what you do with it that matters”.

We don’t just deliver a platform and wish you good luck. We empower you with know-how from our Academy to manage continuous feedback that makes a real difference.

We work systematically following the Brito Management Model ™ to ensure the result you want.

We staff our Professional Services with local partners being authorities on what they are doing.

We build science-based and tailored feedback modules that fit your industry and meet your needs to ensure the best possible insights.

Customer Testimonials 

“Brito is very user friendly and has been a great time saver. The insight you get and the support from professional coaches has been valuable both for the team and me as a leader.”

Carolina Flood, Volvo CE
Maria Rappfors

“Brito helps both me as a manger and my team to get an understanding of key areas in the psycho social work environment. It gives an overview and understanding of the current state, but also the impact of changes and actions that we take.”

Maria Rappfors, Addeco
Fredrik Tojen
“Brito helps us live our values with continuous improvements and to develop as leaders and individuals.”

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Fredrik Tojen, Myohliv