How we support:

We help you manage feedback to continuously improve:

  • Customer Engagement
  • Employee Engagement
  • Service Quality
  • Product Innovation

Vision and mission


In a world where all voices matter, we make them matter!


  • We are on a mission to make feedback a natural part of the customer and employee experience.
  • We strive to offer products and services that our customers love, helping them turn relevant customer and employee feedback into data-driven insight and sustainable results.

Why us?

Our offer: Empower the platform

  • We give you the capability (tools and know-how) to continuously improve through feedback on your own. Getting started is free. Need support? We are just a click away!

Our delivery model: Fit for purpose

  • By working with partners all over the globe we match the one that suits your needs and know you and your area the best.

Our methodology: Do the right things in the right way

  • We apply the Brito Management Model™ an excellence model to ensure a systematic and science-based approach to continuously improve through feedback.


2011 – Company founded, helping customers to continuously improve through management consulting services.
2017 – Brito 1.0, our Software as a Service (SaaS) offer, focusing on managing feedback to improve employee well-being.
2019 – Brito 2.0 – We close the loop and Brito becomes an employee feedback and goal/action platform.
2021 – Brito 3.0 – All-in one feedback management solution, making all voices matter!
2011 – The company was founded as a consulting company
2017 – Brito 1.0 – Feedback platform with focus on employee and work environment
2019 – Brito 2.0 – Complete solution for continuous improvement
2021 – Brito 3.0 – Now also with feedback from customers and other stakeholders


Daniel Mansour
Daniel MansourCEO and Founder
Ines Basta
Ines BastaHead of Operations and Customer relations
Darko Topolko
Darko TopolkoHead of Development and IT

Board and advisors

Anders Hjorth
Anders Hjorth
Christer Udd
Christer Udd
Robert Hjalmarsson
Robert Hjalmarsson